Woman's Portrait, 2014
Archival pigment prints on semi-matt paper. DImensions 13×16 cm
Edition of 25 + 1 artist's proof.

‘Woman's Portrait’ combines the archetypal symbols of femininity with titles of photographic portraits dating back to the late 1800s, early '900, when photography was at its early stages.
The title assigned to each photo, appropriated from existing images and yet from them released, it helps to define the object photographed and to identify it as a person. The items, have been chosen among emblems which for centuries described woman archetypal properties (the onion and the rose as a labyrinth, the horizontal cut of the apple as a star, the shell in connection with the water and spring, the egg as a container, the seeds as fertility, etc.).
The juxtaposition of symbols, which are connotative, allusive, poetic and evocative elements of the language, with photography as a truthful mean to portray them, thanksto the contrast created, aims to question woman representation and identity.