The Shed, the Pirates, the Rain. 2018.

FB paper photogram.
Dimensions: 127x190 cm.
Unique pieces 

The series of photograms intend to depict a family intimate moment in bed: bodies touching, feeling one another, being safe. These camera-less images are at once imprints of a physical presence and a record of an happening. The intimacy portrayed is staged and lived at the same time: I decided to re-enact something that happens on holiday mornings and when we have time to spare in bed. It is the result of a private performance, in which collaborators are asked to take pictures and to perform assigned roles, while simultaneously being carried away.  Performative roles are mixed up with family roles, participants found themselves trapped in their script, although the performance it is based on improvisation.

The private performance records itself into an almost scientific, visible evidence. A trace of something occurring in a domestic space, that otherwise would not be visible. The living room, transformed into a darkroom, allows vision to emerge from the dark. Domestic life emerges as an evidence, a proof of its own existence, yet unaccessible for participants and strangers.