Dafne Salis is an Italian artist based in London, whose practice moves its steps as an enquiry on the female body. Salis graduated from the London College of Communication in 2012 and received her MA at the Royal College of Art, awarded with distinction on her thesis. She is founder of Skin and Blister collective.  

Salis’ practice disputes female essentialism within images, moving from symbolism to anatomy to myth and familiar configurations.  Here, photography is handled more as a three-dimensional object rather than pure two-dimensionality. Images are displayed as installation, or become sculptures or are performed as words.

The methods of Salis’ practice involve the use of puns or demystification to solicit plural understandings of her positions, as in the work Aurora, I don’t count menstruation on moon cycle where the circular yellow shape recalls a sun rather than its opposite moon.  
Salis’ body and those closest to the artist are the pinpoints of the research which has a starting point in the personal relations within the family.As following the motto personal is political, - or private is political – she is on a challenge to collect visual evidence of what visible is not: the impossible-to-see vagina, the private house and affections, the experience of motherhood.

For this, she embarks on a journey inside the eye. What can be seen, from which point of view, and how. She is interested in making self evident the meeting point between vision and its subject. How the photographic gaze looks upon the general environment it sits within and it is influenced and informed by it. How the relationship between who looks and what is looked upon explicates itself and embodies a vision, an interpretation, a fixed point of view.

After graduating in 2012, Salis has been working since then in the visual art field, both as an artist and as a freelance photographer. Her work has been exhibited internationally in venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art _MACRO_ in Rome or Photofusion in London. She is currently working on her first self-publication Gazing at the Invisible Body.


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    Unit 4, Burgess Business Park, Camberwell, London SE5 7TJ


2017 - La forza di rinascere, Dream Factory, Milan, It.
Commission for Perlana For Women.
2016 - Locked In, Giardini di Vigna la Corte, San Felice Circeo, Latina, IT.


2018 - Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
2018 - Offprint, Tate Modern, London, Uk.
2018 - Photography Project Space, Royal College of Art, London, UK.

2017 - Making it Real: Analogue Festival, Ugly Duck, London, UK.
2017 - One Night Stand, Doomed gallery, London, UK.
Collective show with S. Davis, M.Gut, F. Oldfield, L.Solomons.
2017 - Fotografia Europea 2017, Circuito Off, Reggio Emilia, IT. Online Portfolio.
2017 - Work In Progress, Royal College of Art, London Uk.

2016 - Artemisia, Associazione Culturale LaborArt, Verbania, It.
2016 - Locked In, The Tabernacle Gallery, London, Uk.
Solo show of the duo Salis&Gut, curated by A.Villard from The Kitchen Table Collective.
2016 - Skin&Blister, Photofusion, London, Uk.
Collective show with S. Davis, M.Gut, F. Oldfield, A.Wheeler, L.Solomons, L.Oates.

2014 - Open Studios, 33 Officina Creativa, Toffia, IT.
2014 - Il mio Paradiso La Pelanda, MACRO Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Rome, IT. Curated by F.Colloca
2014 - Future Identities Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, IT. Curated by L. Curci
2014 - Nuoto, the joy of master swimming, Piscine del Coni, Foro Italico, Rome, IT.
As curator, a solo show by G. Tiravanti on swimming.

2013 - A GREAT DEAL!!!'Porta Portese Market, Rome, IT. Performance held in duo with M.Gut.

2012 - Light Headed Gallery 320, London, UK.
2012 - Generators Accelerators Originators London College of Communication, London, UK. Graduation show.

2011 - The Third Factor Sassoon Gallery, London, UK. Curated by Andrew Beedle.
2011 - The Third Factor Flyposting posters across London, UK. A public intervention.
2011 - Forum Arts #01 The Rebel Dog, London, UK.  Curated by N. Menashy.


2019 - Intro:spective, Shortlisted, The Revolve Collective, London, Uk.
2018 - The Bright Rooms, London, Uk.
2018 - A+B=Love, Ackathon, Ancona, IT, Winner
2017 - Commissioned by Perlana for Women
2014 - Selected for three weeks residency at '33 Officina Creativa' - Toffia, IT.
2014 - ‘Premio Adrenalina’, 2014. Fourth classificate with the work Homage to the mother, we were all there, 2014, Rome, IT.
2014 - ‘Future Identities’. Shortlisted for the exhibition with the work Fototessera, 2011, Venice, IT.
2013 - 'Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013'. First Round Selection Shortlisted, London, UK.
2011 – 'The Third Factor ' – Residency at Sassoon Gallery, London, UK.
2009 - 'Excellent Work' - for LCC Foundation show, by Salvatore Arancio .


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2016/18 - Royal College of Art - MA Photography. Distinction.
2009/12 - University of The Arts - London College of Communication - BA (Hons) Photography.
2008/09 - University of The Arts - London College of Communication - Foundation degree in Art and Design.
2007 – Photography Workshop with Michael Akerman – Outsideschool, Rome, IT
2002 – 2005 – BA (Hons) Philosophy – uncomplete – La Sapienza University, Rome IT.