A GREAT DEAL!!!, 2013
Performance held on December 15th, at Porta Portese Market, Rome, Italy.
In collaboration with Marta Gut.

Four channels video and audio, 04:04 min.
Recordings by Dafne Salis, Marta Gut, Davide De Persis and John 

The performance is about appropriation.
As independent artists, Martha Gut and Dafne Salis, freely distributed 500 copies Walker Evans’ image Allie Mea Borroughs in the market of Porta Portese in Rome.

The performance took place on Sunday morning, while the real market was running. The site of the performance stands as a symbol of theft and unlawfulness, Porta Portese is sadly known for selling stolen goods. The artists took on a role of nomadic sellers, wandering around the market, as if they were illicit, unauthorised dealers.
By reducing the importance and the value of the transaction by using that location, they ridicule the act of appropriation, making it a vulgar, vernacular robbery.
The performance, however, would never exist without appropriation itself, as it uses appropriated imagery -and appropriated gesture. The impossibility of disregarding appropriation while debunking it, creates a paradox, an absurd, in which the artist, as creator, is costrained.

To explicitly render the legend-hearsay-rumor of the market, the artists introduced the performance with a short video, which was sent to general public via email, reminiscent of spam/junk mail as a promo. A one minute remake of a scene taken from 'Ladri di Biciclette' (Bicycle Thieves) by Vittorio De Sica in 1948, depicts Walker Evans, as the father, and his son being driven to Porta Portese Market by a kind stranger. 

Featuring: Walker Evans, Aka S. Pozio, D. D'Urbano, F. De Persis, D. De Persis, Music composed by M. Scorsolini Music, Special Effects by R. Ruffino .